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Review our services carefully, contact us via phone call or inquiry form, & we’ll make sure you get the perfect package that takes care of all of your needs.


  • Interior cleaning includes all surfaces such as headliner, carpet, leather or fabric seats, all cracks and crevices steam cleaned and blown out. All hard surfaces are wiped down in a satin finish, non slick uv protectant.
  • *Heavy staining, pet hair, vomit, blood, mold, etc will have an additional charge*


Wash, Clay, & Seal

  • Thorough decontamination wash, followed by clay bar treatment for a smooth surface. Wiped down with Shine Supply’s Wet Detailer for 3 months of protection.



Interior + Exterior

  • Includes a thorough decontamination wash and clay bar treatment. A light polish is done to bring out gloss, and the paint is topped in SB3 Solo 1 year coating. This is our entry coating package that is affordable but still delivers easy cleanings and high gloss!
  • Complete interior cleaning


Add-On Services

Want to go the extra mile to bring your entire car back to life? Add one of these to a detail package for a truly complete detailing package.

Engine Bay Detailing

This will make your engine bay look brand new! You have a choice of dressing or no dressing on the plastics and painted surfaces will be wiped down with SB3 Solo coating for easier future cleaning

Headlight Restoration

Multiple sanding steps will be done to remove the old faded and failing uv coating. Once it is removed you have the choice of having them polished out and ceramic coated, or sprayed in a 2K clearcoat for longer term protection.

best detailer you’ll ever find. he does extreme quality work and pays special attention to detail getting into every nook and crany even those hard to get to spots. he does it all. everything from a basic detail to extreme coatings that protect your vehicle like crazy. don’t kust take my word for it, give him a call today and get your vehicle looking better than new!

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